At Simply Settled, we make it easy for seniors and their families to transition to the next phase of their lives. We’re a family-owned senior assistance company, helping families find the resources vital to improving and maintaining a high quality of life for their aging loved one.

Our comprehensive or individual senior services are designed to simplify the many complex decisions you face, so you can be certain those closest to your heart are well cared for. Simply Settled starts at your doorstep and can guide and support you and your family member with everything from helping sell a home, managing finances, packing items to move, and placing your loved one in a comfortable community.

Simply Settled is able to work with families that are out of state by acting as a companion after a fall or providing daily or weekly check-ups. Whether you need assistance finding the right senior living community in San Diego or you are looking for a caregiver, you have come to the right place. We are a helping hand to your family and will stay with you every step of the way.


Simply Settled was started by Catherine and Dean Jones after almost 10 years of caring for Catherine’s mother Inez. When Catherine’s father passed, Inez was no longer able to stay in the home they had lived in for 40 years and had to move in with Catherine and Dean. They used their resources to fix up Inez’s home, the sale of which helped Inez augment her social security benefits, providing her with financial support for the years to come. As Inez?s caregivers, finding the right resources, elder care, support, and services for Inez was not easy. Catherine and Dean understand the challenges and relationship dynamics that arise when caring for an elderly parent. They now help others by sharing their knowledge and experience to make what often is a very difficult period easier on families and their loved ones.



This company is dedicated to the memory of Inez Smiley, who passed two months before her 90th birthday. She taught us patience, compassion, perseverance, and that we should never give up on family. Through it all, we realized how much stronger she made our family.